Welcome to our page! If you're wondering what the purpose of this organisation is, simply put, it is an organisation for students in the Bachelor's Programme in Science created by students in this program at the University of Helsinki. Our main aim is to support students' studies and well-being in relation to their studies, and we are based in the Kumpula campus. We organise fun events and activities (check out our events page or social media!), but we also advocate for our students in improving this program as a whole. We communicate with teachers and leaders in our program in order to make it the best it can be. 

If you are a company that is interested in sponsoring us, we would love your support! We direct our funds from sponsorships towards funding our overalls, improving our hangout room at the university and/or organising student events. By supporting us in funding our overalls, we display your logo in whatever location you choose (contact us for more details). Also, we would love to visit your company and learn more about you! Previously we have visited companies we have worked with, and we hope to cooperate more with more companies in the future!

If you wish to know more, please contact us at integralis@helsinki.fi


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