Integralis is a student organisation created in 2019 for students and by students of the Bachelor's Programme in Science. Our aim is to promote the interests of the students in this programme, and we welcome everyone to join our organisation. 

Our organisation collaborates with our programme's study representative, tutors and other organisations to improve the programme and actively organise events. 

Our common meeting room is the International Hideout room on the first floor of Exactum C131 where you can chat with international students or grab a cup of coffee or a snack!

The Board of Members of 2021


ANton Vellikok


Vice president

Leon quellmalz


tytti hämäläinen


petra parikka

other Board members 

Melina Vuorinen

Jenna Vahtera

vitaliy gurov

phuong truong

lucas de cabo lozano

Event Committee Leader

Vitaliy Gurov

Study Responsible 

Tytti hämäläinen

Lucas De Cabo Lozano 

Sport Responsible 

Petra parikka

Social Media and Communications Responsible

Melina Vuorinen 

Company Contact Person 

Anton vellikok

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